Can’t find a boxing gym? Try this.

Posted in Fighting by quadriceps on February 12, 2010

It can be hard to find a boxing gym unless you live in a densely-populated area. And if you do find one, there’s no guarantee that you’ll like the trainers.

Wouldn’t it be nice is you had access to top-notch trainers whenever you wanted? You’d easily learn virtually everything there is to know about fundamental technique, and when you were ready to step it up a bit, you’d have access to the sorts of advanced moves and tricks that give you the opportunity to live up to your full potential.

The world’s best boxing trainers

Did you know that you can get boxing lessons from celebrity trainers like Jeff Fenech, Kenny Weldon, and Freddie roach? There’s only one catch: the lessons are on DVD.

So if you can’t travel to Hollywood to train with Freddie Roach, or make the long journey down under to Australia to take some lessons with Jeff Fenech, don’t despair. With today’s technology, in-depth boxing instruction is as close as your TV set.

There are lessons available for all skill levels from rank beginner to advanced intermediate, and no matter your own personal style you’re sure to find something that’ll work for you.

You don’t have to find a boxing gym just to get basic instruction anymore. Now, you can spend your time in the gym wisely: by sparring, doing partner drills, and enjoying the company of fellow boxing enthusiasts.

For less than the cost of a single lesson with a trainer, you can get advice and instruction from Freddie Roach or other world-famous coaches. And best of all: you can be sure that you’ll get nothing but the facts, from an articulate, experienced trainer who has been around and seen it all.

If you worry that your local boxing coach doesn’t really know what he’s talking about, or if you think that he’s giving you generic advice that doesn’t really take into account your own personal body type or fighting style, it’s wise to double-check what he’s telling you by watching boxing instructional DVDs.

OK, you know as well as I do that you’re not going to turn into a champion boxer just by watching DVDs and shadow-boxing in front of the mirror. But you will get the best advice available from professionals whose careers and reputations are riding on the results they get from their fighters.

You owe it to yourself to double-check every aspect of your training, fitness, diet, and your approach to the sport. After all, when you’ve digested all the information available to you on DVD, you’ll be confident and competent when you finally do manage to find a boxing gym in your local area.


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