Simple tips for starting a new exercise program

Posted in Fitness by quadriceps on February 19, 2010

As you probably know, exercise improves your health, reduces your body weight, and makes you look oh so fine. Unfortunately, most people who live a modern lifestyle don’t prioritize physical activity and include it in their daily routine. Additionally, you may not be accustomed to working out hard, so your exercise sessions become difficult to enjoy and the source of strains and pains rather than joy and increased health. Nevertheless, it’s important to stick with it. What follows are some ideas you can use to exercise more efficiently and enthusiastically.

Don’t forget the planning

Always plan your fitness routine in advance, regardless of whether you are hitting the weights or working on your cardio. Scheduling an exact time to work out makes it simple to fit this exercise session into your daily routine. Once you do this, you won’t have an excuse to fail.

Order things for efficiency

Always be clear about the order of each component of your fitness regimen. If necessary, write it down; you may find that keeping a written list is handy. The number of reps is an absolute necessity. This is because you’ll only succeed in raising your exercise intensity regularly if you know what you did in the past.

Avoid common mistakes

Commonly people make this mistake during exercise: they rest for an unusually long period of time between sets. It is advisable not to work through fatigue; if you are exceedingly tired in the middle of your workout, something is wrong. If you find yourself tiring prematurely, you should decrease your rep range instead of slowing down and reducing your overall workout intensity. A handy guideline is to employ a half-minute to a minute rest period after performing several related exercises.

Warm up and cool down

It is imperative that you make the time to go through a warm up routine; likewise, a cool-down routine isn’t something you should skip. Not only should you schedule your work sets, but you should schedule these warm-up and cool-down sets too. Don’t leave anything to chance. To warm up, a simple cardio routine will suffice. But to cool down, you want to go through some gentle stretches and relaxation exercises. Let the muscles recover from the vigorous exercise, and allow the mind time to regain a sense of calm and serenity.

Get enough fluids

Many folks feel the need for some rehydration during a workout. But if possible, avoid this habit. It can cause problems and reduce the beneficial effects of your exercise session. Make sure to get enough water during your day to day activities; also, a hit of green tea is probably fine once in a while, as long as you avoid it immediately prior to your exercise session.


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