The 3 Rs of exercise

Posted in Fitness by quadriceps on February 22, 2010

People often question me about the best way to look their best and boost their levels of physical fitness. I always give them a simple answer that gets right to the point. What I tell them is, “Three Rs”. What are the three Rs, you might ask? They’re rest, reps, and refreshment.

Everyone has different goals for their workouts. But whatever your personal fitness goals are, you can’t achieve them without these three Rs. These three parts of the fitness equation are the bedrock upon which you build a foundation of health which will last you for the rest of your natural life. If you neglect any part of this foundation, you will fail to reach your ultimate potential. That would be a shame, wouldn’t it? Let’s do our best to get you started on the right foot…


Refreshment is a concept that needs little explanation. It’s mostly obvious, right? You will not reach your workout goals if you avoid proper nutrition like the plague. Cakes and pizza might taste good, but they will destroy your fitness levels like little, tasty morsels of doom.

But if you have a good meal plan that focuses on supplying a balanced nutritional profile and the proper level of calories for whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish (whether it be to gain or lose weight), you’ll have one part of the equation firmly in hand.


Reps, too, are fairly obvious to most people. I’m sure you know that you can’t just keep performing the same exercises over and over again and expect to make progress. You need a properly-designed workout program that includes progressive overload. If you are not stressing your body, it won’t adapt and improve. It’s that simple.


The simplest part of the 3 Rs is probably also the most commonly misunderstood. Rest is discounted by most people, especially the young, gung-ho kids who want to work out as hard as humanly possible. But without it, you can destroy your joints and give yourself stress fractures and other injuries that take ages to heal (if they ever do).

These sorts of injuries are perfectly avoidable; so make sure you rest enough to avoid them!

Do it the right way

So no matter if you are a serious fitness freak with visions of someday becoming an Olympic champion, or a weekend warrior who wants to work out just well enough to beat Uncle Bob at your weekly game of golf, you need to think about the 3 Rs as you go about your daily exercise routine. Pay attention to each of these three parts of the fitness equation and you’ll be set up for success!


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