Knuckle Pushups: Do They Help Your Punching Power?

Posted in Fighting by quadriceps on July 25, 2010
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It stands to reason that knuckle pushups help to improve your punching technique. After all, they simulate the punching movement. And since you’re supporting yourself on your knuckles, they strengthen your knuckles, hands, and wrists.

But does this logic really hold up to a thorough analysis?

Which knuckles are you using?

During knuckle pushups, you have a choice: either support yourself on the two “big” knuckles, or on the three “smaller” knuckles on the “outside of your hand.

Some fighting systems — particular “traditional” martial arts — have you punch using the two big knuckles near your thumb. If that is how you like to punch, it is also how you should support yourself during your knuckle press-ups.

On the other hand, if you just want to strengthen your wrists, feel free to use the three smaller knuckles. Your wrist aligns more naturally when you support yourself on those knuckles, so things will be easier. Plus, you’ll have less knuckle bruises to deal with.

Improved range of motion

The good thing about knuckle push-ups is that they improve (or increase) your range of motion. This gives you a greater stretch in the pecs and deltoids, and makes the exercise harder than the traditional version.

Knuckle conditioning: is it for real?

But let’s get right down to it. You really want to do knuckle push-ups because of the knuckle and hand conditioning aspects of the exercise, right?

Ask yourself if this is really important? You’ll never make your hands hard enough to withstand a damaging punch to your opponent’s forehead, elbows, or canine teeth, so what’s the point really?

Knuckle conditioning is mostly a myth. You’re better off worrying about full-body conditioning, skill training, and fitness.


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