Protect your knuckles when you punch

Posted in Fighting by quadriceps on August 12, 2010

Everyone knows you should protect your knuckles and hands during boxing workouts and martial arts training. But fewer people realize that anyone who expects to get into any sort of fistfight needs to be prepared to protect the knuckles (and hands) or they’re faced with the prospect of getting a serious hand injury.

This is especially true for bouncers, security guys, bodyguards, and anyone in a job where they’re exposed to drunk and disorderly people.

Protect the hands during fights

Gloves are not just for keeping your hands warm and clean. If they’re designed right, they can also protect you from injury:

  • Gloves with tough leather or kevlar offer abrasion resistance
  • Gloves with hard knuckles offer impact resistance for fighting or motorcycling
  • Gloves with foam palm pads (or removable gel liners) protect the palms from falls or the jarring vibration of motorcycle handlebars

Most well-made protective gloves are marketed towards law-enfocement officers, the military, and people in the physical security business. These gloves are called tactical gloves and they are not cheap, but they’ll serve you well if you get into a rough situation.

Check out some sap gloves if you’re a bouncer, or spring for some hard-knuckle gloves if you plan to ride an offroad bike.


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