Does heavybag training make sense for a home workout?

Posted in Fighting by quadriceps on April 8, 2011

Heavybag training is a great conditioning exercise, and it’s an essential part of self-defense training too. But often, people find it hard to work out with the heavybag at home. This is because it takes up a lot of space and it’s really noisy.

To really get a good workout with your punching bag, you need at least five feet around the bag. More room would be even better if you have the space to let the bag swing freely on a chain.

Most people don’t have a big space suitable for the punching bag. Since it takes at least a 10 by 10 area, this is a lot of floorspace that lots of folks are unwilling to give up in their homes.

But a more pressing concern is the noise and vibration caused by the heavy bag as you punch (or kick) it. It can shake the entire house and nobody wants to be in a home while someone is working out with a heavybag attached to the rafters or floor joists. To reduce heavybag noise, you can try mounting the bag from a more sturdy mount, or try using some rubber between the bag and the mounting point. But generally, it’s a losing proposition when it comes to coexisting peacefully in a house that someone is using as a makeshift boxing training gym.

So yes, you can get a good workout if you have the space and don’t have touchy neighbors or housemates. But often, the best option is to join a boxing gym.


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