Article: Confessions Of A Steroid Addict

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In a “Men’s Health” article — Steroid Addict — Paul Solotaroff tells the tale of how he went from a skinny, 150-pound college kid to a huge, steroid-fueled bodybuilder. And he talks in poignant detail about the toll it took on his life.

It’s an interesting, provocative article.


Weight Training Benefits

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No matter if you’re a weekend warrior or a serious athlete, you probably understand the value of weight training. It is an important part of any physical fitness routine and it’s essential for your overall wellness. In the following paragraphs, I’ll introduce you to various weight training benefits and show you how new trainees can ease their way into a weight training program.

Weight training benefits

Increases your energy levels

Most forms of exercise give you elevated levels of energy and “pep”. Although you might think that intense workouts will tire you out, over time they’ll build the stamina and physical “toughness” that more than make up for the temporary fatigue. What’s more, you will retain that fantastic physical conditioning; it’ll be there for you to use whenever you need to use your brawn rather than your brains.
Of course, you don’t need to go balls to the wall every time you set foot in the gym or in your own, personal workout area. A less strenuous routine will pep you up instead of wearing you out and it’s a great start to the day. And what’s more: if you do a little bit at a time, you can build up a high level of conditioning over time.

Boosts your strength and power

Weight training makes you stronger. There’s no simpler way to put it. When you lift weights, you get more muscle, and the more muscle you have, the more capable you are in both your everyday life and your athletic pursuits.
An additional benefit of this sort of exercise is that you can apply stress to muscles and parts of your body that don’t get worked during your day-to-day activities. This is a strategy you can use to augment your daily routine; it’ll get you ready for any unexpected event in your life where you might need to use strength and power to get you out of a sticky situation.

You’ll look great!

If you want to be physically attractive (and who doesn’t), you have to start by admitting that if you don’t look strong and physically fit, you don’t look good. Your apparent level of physical fitness correlates directly with your attractiveness. Hey, nobody said life was fair.
Once you get fit and strong, with visible results from your weight training routine, you’ll look better and attract more of the people whom you wouldn’t mind getting to know better (if you know what I mean).

Brings out your inner athlete

When you are stronger and possessed of greater energy levels, you will become a markedly better athlete. No matter if you participate in team sports, boxing or martial arts, or just like to dance the night away, weight training makes you more capable. Along with other complementary forms of exercise like cardio and stretching, it gives you the strength and energy you need to excel at whatever your favorite athletic activity happens to be.

Increases your rate of weight loss

If you continue with a weight training program, you’ll eventually get in shape; and unlike with fad diets, you’ll stay in shape too. You don’t need to lift a ton or look like Arnold to enjoy the benefits of a good weight training workout. Even if you only lift at medium intensity, you will be on the right track. This is the initial step towards a weight loss routine that actually works for the long term. Don’t skip workouts; if you stick with it you’ll enjoy success.

Sandbag workout

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Ever get tired of traditional workout equipment — dumbbells, barbells, weight machines, etc. — but think you didn’t have any other options?

Sandbags make your lifting realistic if you are into MMA, wrestling, or functional training styles.

If you want to mix things up a bit and work out in an unconventional way, why not try sandbag training?

Here’s a video by Brooks Kubik (of Dinosaur training fame) where he explains how to construct and use a sandbag:

Don’t pull-ups deserve a warm up too?

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Most weight lifters know the value of a warm-up before the main part of the workout. I won’t get into it here, but if you don’t appreciate a good warm-up routine, you’re in for a rude awakening one of these days.

pull-upsHowever, lots of guys will jump on the chin-up bar and bang out a set of chins without warming up. I’m not sure this is the best way to work out.

If you can do less than 10 chins before failure, you’re working at a fairly high level of intensity. Let’s say you can do 7: you wouldn’t do a 7 rep to failure bench press workout without at least one warm-up set, would you?

Try a quick warm-up before your next back/chin-up workout. You might be surpised at how much easier it feels!

Here are some things you can do:

  • Static hangs, both at the top and the bottom of the movement, for stretching and warm-up
  • Jumping pull-ups — a great way to get the blood flowing and the joints warmed up
  • Assisted pull-ups — put your leg (or legs) on a chair and do an easy set of full range pulls

Brian Dawkins: Football’s King of Intensity

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Brian Dawkins, safety for the Denver Broncos (formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles) is known for his ultra-intense playing style.

Some people accuse him of playing dirty, but it’s an unfair characterization. His hard hits and bone-jarring blocks are what makes him one of the most dynamic defensive players in modern times.

In the Brian Dawkins workout, it doesn’t give us the day-to-day details of Dawk’s workout routines, but it shows us that he does anything he can to increaes his focus and intensity and work out as hard as he needs to to get results.

Check out some of these YouTube videos

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Cool speedbag workout:

Make your own dip belt:

Do kettlebells deliver all that is promised?

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It’s hard to avoid the kettlebell hype that worms its way into every dark corner of the internet. Marketers are hyping kettlebells past the point of absurdity, and gullible consumers seem to swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

Some fitness and strength training writers are striking back in the name of moderation. In kettlebells versus dumbbells, you can read a point-by-point comparison of (you guessed it) kettlebells and dumbbells.

In Kettlebells: an antidote to the hype, read one expert’s opinion of the cult-like atmosphere that surrounds this simple cannonball-shaped exercise implement.